Feed dog pineapple to stop eating poop is one of the most requested home remedies in how to stop coprophagia,For such a beloved animal, man’s best friend has an array of disgusting habits. From drinking out of the toilet to licking their butts and rolling in muddy water, sometimes, it seems as if our dogs go out of their way just to gross us out. But of all these terribly ‘yucky’ habits, the one that takes the cake has to be the habit of eating their own poop.

feed dog pineapple stop eating poop

is this issue just with my dog ?feed dog pineapple stop eating poop

Scientifically referred to as ‘coprophagia’, there are several explanations, both physiological and behavioral, for why this habit persists in many of our dogs. At the University of California, Davis, Dr Benjamin Hart ran a study that found:
– One in every six dogs is considered ‘serious’ poop eaters. Meaning that they were caught eating their poop at least 5 times during the study.

– 24% of the dogs in the study ate their poop at least once.

This study shows that this habit is a bit more common that you may initially think. In fact, it is so common that a vast majority of the questions asked online by concerned dog owners is“how to stop my dog from eating poop naturally”or “what to put in dog food to stop eating poop?” etc …

in this article you will know the solution to that bad habit and if you want to know the reason of this problem check this informative article ==> Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

In answer to that question, one of the most suggested remedies is- feeding your dog pineapples to stop them from eating poop.
Why should you Feed puppy pineapple to stop eating poop?
If you find that your dog has picked up the habit of eating his or her own poop all of a sudden, it is often best to consult with your vet first just to rule out the following possible issues:
– The presence of parasites.

– Diet deficiency as far as calories and nutrients are concerned.

– Malabsorption syndromes.

– Cushing’s, diabetes, thyroid disease, as well as other conditions that tend to cause an appetite increase.

– Drugs like steroids.

Check this for more knowledge about dogs common problems==>[Most Common Dog Health Problems]

In some cases, this behavior is triggered by environmental stress or other issues such as isolation, restrictive confinement and anxiety. These are all conditions that can be remedied once you figure out what is causing the adverse behavior.

The cure :feed dog pineapple stop eating poop

However, one of the most common explanations for this coprophagia is that dogs do so in an effort to remedy an enzyme deficiency within their system(harmful thing o happen). Feeding your dog pineapples is one the most recommended courses of action because pineapples contain the proteolytic enzyme (bromelain). Bromelain, which is an enzyme that breaks down proteins, is often used as a meat tenderizer and is also thought to behave like a digestive aid. So, from that perspective, feeding your poop eating dog pineapples is a logical choice. You are, however, advised to use fresh pineapples as opposed to canned pineapples because the latter might have lost the bromelain enzyme through the canning process.

{{How to stop dog from eating poop ?}}


But first if you ask that is my dog gonna like eating pineapples ? then check this video out which shows a dog eating it for the first time , see how much your dog gonna like it….

What else can you do? (check list)feed dog pineapple stop eating poop

Apart from feeding your dogs pineapples, there are other steps you can take to curb this foul habit:
– Keep the living area clean so that the dogs have no poop to eat.

– Take supervised walks with your dogs to keep them from eating their poop.

– Housetrain your dog to listen to the commands, ‘come’ and ‘leave that’.
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Do not let this natural yet foul behavior keep you from enjoying your time with man’s best friend. Try the pineapple remedy and consult your vet for any other reasons why it might be happening and what you can do about it.


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