“How to stop dog from eating poop?” is one of the most asked questions from dog owners,because it is a huge embarrassing and disgusting problem. Poop eating by dogs, scientifically known as Coprophagia, is one of the most disgusting habits that dog owners want to curb. Dogs can actually go from rolling in swamp mucks and drinking from toilets to licking their butts and eating stool. This behavior is caused by a number of reasons which include, attention-seeking efforts, anxiety, boredom, nutrient deficiency

How to stop dog from eating poop

as well as medical conditions such as thyroid disease, diabetes and Cushing’s which increase the dogs’ appetite.

Dogs which are fed an inappropriately dry biological diet tend to be more poop eaters as compared to those that are fed a fresh and nutritionally balanced diet. Knowing what causes this practice certainly guides you on how to stop dog from eating poop.

The following list highlights some of the main reasons which lead dogs to eat stool.

The reasons:How to stop dog from eating poop

· Deficiency of calories and nutrients in the diets used to feed the dogs.

· Inappropriate association of poop with real food.

· Dogs eat stool with an effort of seeking attention from their human owners.

· Anxiety in dogs also leads them to the disgusting habit. This anxiety may arise fro

m punishment administration or using harsh training methods on the dog.

· Malabsorption syndromes.

· Medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease and Cushing’s which tend to increase the appetite of the dog.

· Drugs like steroids also cause dogs to opt for stool.

for more info about the reasons ==>What are the Reasons for Coprophagia in Dogs?

Tips on how to stop your dog from eating poop.

The following simple tips will help you do away with this nauseating dog

habit successfully;

1. Alleviate boredom;

it is recommended to ensure that your dog has enough toys for brain stimulation so as to get rid of boredom. Furthermore, you should make sure he or she is properly exercised for physical and mental engagement. This also involves regular playtime which will deviate the dog’s attention from the poop eating habit.

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2. Proper cleaning;

How to stop dog from eating poop

the yard and the living area of the dog should be kept clean always. This ensures that the dog will not find poops to pick up. This should also be implemented by supervising the dog on walks and picking up after him promptly. Cat owners, on the other hand, should keep the litter box clean and out of dogs reach.

good video to see the right method for cleaning the dogs place the easy way ⇓⇓⇓

3. Avoid causing anxiety;

activities which bring anxiety to the dog such as punishment should be avoided, especially since studies have shown that it is ineffective to punish dogs. Tough training methods are another major cause of anxiety within dogs and they should be avoided if you want to stop your dog from running for poop.

4. Nutrient supplementation;How to stop dog from eating poop

nutrient deficiency has been listed as one of the main causes of this habit with Vitamin-B being the most suspected deficient nutrient when dogs opt for poop. Supplementing your dog with a Vitamin-B rich and well-balanced diet will definitely stop him from going for poop.


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5. Taste-aversion;

this is achieved by using given products which have smells and tastes that are disgusting to dogs. Most of these products include ingredients like monosodium, pepper-plant derivatives, chamomile, yucca, parsley and garlic which entirely make poop less appealing to dogs and thus stops their stool eating habit.

6. Checking parasites regularly;

It is also vital to check the dog’s stool for parasites regularly since they are another cause of the poop eating practice. Parasites should be eliminated immediately and the dog should be dewormed to help stop the unpleasant feeding habit.

for more info about this subject ==>Treating Internal Parasites


It is clear that the poop eating practice may be a little complicated. However, the most crucial thing to do is to figure out why your dog is eating stool. Look for medical issues and other causes before settling on an appropriate way of solving the problem. It is also advisable to ensure that the dog’s living environment is clean always.


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How to stop dog from eating poop

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