Just like human beings, dogs need to be trained in order to learn certain behaviors. It is always advisable to start training your puppy as early as possible to give him time to adapt. Below are some of the best puppy training tips that you will find very helpful for your puppy.

1. Begin EarlyPuppy Training Tips

The training of your puppy needs to begin as early as possible. This is very important as the puppy will easily adapt to the terms and conditions of the house. From the first day you bring him home, the puppy needs to be taken through house training. Through this, your puppy will get to learn faster and adapt quickly.

2. Find a Good Name for the       Puppy and Stick to it

In order to draw the attention of the puppy, you will require naming him and sticking to the name. The name of the puppy should be kind of short and easily pronounceable. Besides this, you may also consider a name ending with a strong consonant like; Jack or Ginger. With this, the puppy will easily hear it. Since dogs are easily adaptable, he will soon get used to the name when you constantly use it and he will definitely respond to the name.

3. Teach Him to Respond to a CallPuppy Training Tips

Once the dog has got used to his name, he will always respond to any call you make. To improve the situation, you should always train him on how to come whenever called. This is by getting to his level and calling him by name and he will definitely respond.

You should also use positive reinforcement whenever he comes. Apart from this, you should try training the puppy to respond to a call whenever he is busy doing something like playing. This is one of the commands your puppy needs to get used to as soon as you bring him home.

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4. Give Him his Own Den

Puppies love resting and sleeping whenever they aren’t engaged in any activity. This is the reason why your puppy requires having a private den that isn’t used by any other pet or family member. The puppy will always love the comfort of being left alone in the den and this will make him feel safe. You can also use the den to train your puppy on the house training.

This is one of the best puppy training tips that will aid in improving the behavior of your puppy as it grows.

5. Decide on the House RulesPuppy Training Tips

Most people find it tricky on deciding on the do and don’t of the puppy while in the house. This is because they always fail to decide earlier on the thing you would love your puppy to do or don’t while in the house. This, therefore, implies that you need to make up your mind on the things you will allow the puppy to do while in the house and those you won’t tolerate.

For example, you may decide that the puppy won’t be jumping up and down on the bed and sofa. In such cases, then you have to train him from the first day. You can set aside his chair whenever necessary. This will make it easier to train the puppy as it will avoid confusion.

6. Make it Simple and Short

Dogs easily get bored or distracted when involved in long training. You should, therefore, try to limit the training session to not more than 15 minutes without having a break. Such breaks are very crucial as they will give time for the puppy to rest, play, and even make regular trips to his potty. Besides this, shorter training durations allows the puppy to learn faster and get used to the situation compared to spending the whole day training the puppy. You need to keep using certain commands even when not training to give him a better understanding of each and every command.

7. Reward Him for Good Behavior Only

Good rewards to your puppy will always encourage him to continue learning more and more. This is because through rewarding him, he will know that he is on the right track. Some of the common rewards include the use of toys, treats, heaps of praise, and love. On the other hand, you shouldn’t reward him for any bad behavior. This will aid in avoiding confusion.

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8. Take Care of His Jumps

Since most puppies love jumping up, you should always discourage this, but in a positive manner. This is by assuming the behavior and wait for him to settle down, then give him a positive reinforcement. This, therefore, implies that you shouldn’t tolerate his jumping up by either praising or petting the puppy. All you need is pay no attention to him by turning your back and he will soon realize that such behaviors aren’t positive.

9. Always Stay PositivePuppy Training Tips

Harsh words to your puppy will definitely push him away from you and anytime he sees you, he will shy away. This means that you always need to stay positive and every mistake it does, you shouldn’t react negatively. You should also never reward negative behaviors as such will bring a lot of confusion, making it tricky for the puppy to learn certain commands.

10. Discourage Him from Nipping or Biting

Dogs love biting very much and the best way to discourage him from biting is to pretend you feel pain whenever he bites, instead of scolding him. This will make him stop biting and with time, he will avoid biting any object. In case such training fails, you should find him a chewing toy.

11. Always End the Training with Positive Words

Rewarding the puppy is one of the best puppy training tips and whenever you end the training session on a positive note, he will feel motivated. You can use simple words like; awesome job or good boy among others. You can also leave the puppy with a lot of treats, some time to play, a lot of praise, and some petting. Such will make him come for the next training very happy and motivated.


These are some puppy obedience training tips that you will find very crucial for training your puppy. Just from the first day you bring him home, let him find the den ready, have your house rules set in place, put a training schedule, and make it feel at home. Harsh words are never recommended in the training session and always remember to reward him for only positive behaviors.

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